Braking on wet surface


Braking on wet surface - When you are braking on a wet or snow surface, apply the brake gently to prevent locking the brakes and skid on the road, some vehicles have ABS System (Anti-lock brake system) to prevent the wheels from locking up.



Get a grip!



Left turn


Left turn - If you are stopped in traffic waiting for a left turn, make sure you straighten the steering wheel until the road is clear, if you are waiting with the steering pointing to your left, someone behind you could hit you and push you into the incoming traffic.



Take a minute, watch out!

How often should I change my engine oil?


How often should I change my engine oil?


Engine oil should be changed every 5,000km or 3 months whichever comes first. Short trip, cold

weather and heavy load shorten engine oil life. Engine oil is critical to an engine, it lubricates all

moving components in the engine, clean engine oil maintains engine performance and fuel mileage,

extends the life of an engine. Some European car manufacturers recommend oil change intervals at

12,000km, please consult your owner's manual.

Strong anti-freeze smell


I recognize a strong anti-freeze smell in the car, I also see steam and smoke come

out from my heater vents, what's wrong?


It sounds like your heater core is leaking. The heater core is part of the engine cooling system, 

anti-freeze runs through the entire heating system. If the heater core leaks,the anti-freeze

drains out, the blower fan will blow the anti-freeze and steam up to the windshield and heater vents.

Regular maintenance like cooling system flush will help to prevent blockage and corrosion build 

up in the cooling system.


Why do I need a transmission service


My transmission works just fine, why do I need a transmission service?


Transmission fluid lubricates gears, bearings and clutch discs, it also cleans transmission oil 

passages and maintains hydraulic pressure to ensure smooth operation. Most car manufacturers 

recommend a transmission service every 50,000km. Clean transmission fluid prolongs the life of 

your transmission and avoids expensive transmission repair.

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