Phone call


Phone call - Never phone while you are driving, a recent report found that using a cellular phone while you are driving can result of an accident, the risk is same as the  "hands-free" phone.



Be safe!

Braking downhill


Braking downhill - If you are driving down a steep hill, avoid heavy braking, it is a good idea to shift down one gear instead of depressing the brake, overheated brake components can cause brake fade which means you are not able to stop.



Take it easy!

Brakes check

Brakes check - Have your brakes check every 2 oil changes or 10,000km, ask your technician the brake operation and condition. Don't wait till the last minute and spend thousands of dollars to get the brakes done, it could be a small brake job if you get it done on time. Also check the brake lights operation, it is very important to let other drivers know when you want to stop.


Drive safely, life is worth it!

Tire pressure


Tire pressure - Check the tire pressure every time you fill up your gas tank, too much or uneven tire pressure can cause the car to pull one side or loose traction, low tire pressure can result low fuel mileage.



Check it today!


Think ahead


Think ahead - Things could happen anytime you wouldn't expert, when you are driving, always watch the traffic ahead, check the mirrors and shoulder check every 3 seconds to avoid accidents. A lot of time you don't see a motorcycle behind you, know what is behind and in front of you.


Be patient!

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