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What is a timing belt?


What is a timing belt?


Timing belt is a toothed belt connects the engine camshaft to the crankshaft. A timing belt is made 

of rubber and it wears out eventually. Not every car has a timing belt, some cars use timing chain. 

Most car manufacturers recommend a timing belt replacement every 96,000km. What happen 

when a timing belt breaks? Good news if you have a free-running engine, you will have to pay for 

the towing and timing belt repair cost to get the car back on the road. Bad news if your engine is 

interference fit, it may result in major engine damage. Beside the towing and timing belt repair 

cost, you have to pay for big dollar to rebuild your engine. Please consult our service advisors to 

find out whether you have a timing belt or a timing chain, get it replaced before your car

breaks down.

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