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Clicking noise from front of my car


Every time I make a sharp turn, I hear a big clicking noise coming from the front 

of my car, what's wrong with it?


Today's front wheel drive vehicles, the front wheels are connected to the transaxle via two drive 

axles. Each drive axle has an inboard and outboard constant-velocity joints. CV join tis a type of 

universal joints, it transmits torque at an angle from one shaft to another without any speed 

variation. Each joint is covered by a rubber boot,it's job is to keep lubricant in and prevent dirt 

and other contaminants from getting into the joint. When the boot is torn or ripped, lubricant 

leaks out and dirt may get into the CV joint and damage it. Under heavy acceleration and sharp 

cornering, it makes a loud clicking sound. The best way to prevent the CV joints from becoming 

damaged is to ask your technicians to inspect the CV boots during oil changes. It takes one minute 

to do a visual inspection, replace torn boots before the axles damage.


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