With today's Automotive technology, it seems like an engineer can design just about anything. To face the challenge, 128 Auto Service Centre carries a large collection of diagnostic equipments to work on your vehicles. Computerized 3D wheel alignment, high-speed wheel balancer, scan tool, engine analyzer and lap scope. We use Mitchell On-Demand computerized system for repair shop estimating and the retrieval of repair and maintenance information. On-Demand provides access to Mitchell's world-class database of vehicle repair information and graphics. On-Demand also provides the parts and labor times we need to make accurate estimates. When we work on your vehicles, we don't guess!

One Stop

128 Auto Service Centre is your One-stop Automotive repair facility, from oil change to schedule maintenance, engine tune-up to computer diagnostic, we do them all. Our trained technicians are knowledgeable about cars, update Automotive training courses are given  to our technicians to ensure the highest quality of service.

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